Your food choices and actions have the power to transform our food system. Challenge your family and friends to make their own pledge to build a healthy and sustainable food system.

Take the Fredericton

Good Food Pledge

Good Food is...

Fair & Affordable

Good Food is...


Good Food is...


Good Food is...


Everyone deserves dignified access to affordable, healthy, and culturally appropriate food.

Learning new food skills like growing, cooking, and preserving makes the healthy food choice the easier choice.

Adopting planet friendly practices allows us to feed everyone well into the future.

Growing our local food economy builds community health and wealth for all.

Good Food is...Growing Together

Good Food is...


Sharing responsibility together ensures that we find the best solutions to providing healthy food for all.

Bringing people together through food, in celebration of culture and diversity, builds a vibrant, vital community.

Good Food is Our Right.

Let’s Build a Secure Food Future Together.