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 In the past few years, several food based community organizations have emerged, from community garden initiatives, to the Community Food Mentors Network, to food advocacy groups like Plant a Row, Grow a Row.  This development demonstrates a rising level of passion and engagement around the subject of food security.  Individuals, groups and businesses came together to form a new policy network, called Good Food Greater Fredericton, to support further developments.




We animate, cultivate and shepherd innovative food policy approaches in the Greater Fredericton Area – particularly in such emerging and multi-faceted arenas as equitable food access, urban agriculture, regional food self-reliance, “fair trade,” “buy local” and “eco-label” products.

We act as a resource and work collaboratively with City staff and City council on initiatives that enhance the local food system and to identify municipal policies and processes best suited to advance community food security.

We support innovative projects and policies that improve food security in the Greater Fredericton Area by encouraging urban agriculture and regional food self-reliance.



We partner with educators and community organizations to promote inter-disciplinary research and teaching in subjects related to community food security.

We enhance the Greater Fredericton Area’s efforts to promote community health through improving local food security.

Good Food is Our Right.

Let’s Build a Secure Food Future Together.